What is Huemvn?

Huemvn pronounced, “human” is a brand that believes in humanity.  Huemvn is more than a lifestyle, it's what you are. When you wear one of our shirts you not only represent change, you join a movement of audacious individuals that believe in a better tomorrow.

Urban and casual wear clothing company.  Huemvn uses business to inspire and implement positive actions in society, by donating and sponsoring events, organizations, and causes.  When you buy a shirt you are contributing to humanity.

We have a specific purpose to empower and inspire people around the world by investing and engaging them.  Huemvn creates events that keeps society active, inspired, and informed. We also sponsor events, and donate to non-profit organizations by creating specialized t-shirts to raise awareness.

Our clothing line is a way we can give back and improve our society. People gain knowledge through experience, and we want to help create genuine experiences that will create a brighter future. We believe that everyone has value and potential to grow.  So invest in Huemvn because, after all you are human.


CONTACT:  support@huemvn.com

Email us - support@huemvn.com

Portfolio -Send us 3 samples of you work.  And we will review you for a potential candidate.

Signed Artists - Our signed artists generate graphics on a monthly basis. They also require a contract.  Email is for more info

Extra:  All work submitted is to be donated.  After terms have been reviewed by the submitter.   We provide a great reference and experience for Artists carriers.  Huemvn is about sharing and promoting artists. We provide you with great reference and also give you a unique opportunity, to build, a larger network.